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I’m fortunate enough to have a fair amount of vacation time each year. As much as I enjoy taking the occasional long weekend, there’s nothing quite like an extended break to recuperate.

I can tell you after the last several days that I seriously need one of those.

I may work a pretty standard 40-45 hour work week, but it’s the intensity of my workdays recently that have driven me near insane. I feel like I’m being squeezed in a vice between project after project and task after task. Sometimes it seems that every other day ten different people are asking me for ten different things at the same time.

All that whining and moaning aside, I’m essentially keeping focused by counting down my work days left this year. As of this posting, that’s 37. I have the day after my birthday off, and two days around my sis-in-law’s graduation. In between of course is the 4-day Thanksgiving weekend. But the real good stuff starts on December 21st when my office closes early and I take the entire next week off as well as New Year’s Eve (and the office is closed on New Year’s Day).

That healthy vacation is where my heart is set now, and I’ll be crossing off each coming day with a red permanent marker until I get there.

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