This morning I received my download code for Radiohead‘s latest, In Rainbows.

I’ve been rockin’ out to the new joint since about 7:59 here in the office, and I really enjoy it. I agree with the band when they indicated it was pretty spare, but I can’t say I agree with the BBC’s Ian Youngs who feels like Radiohead is stuck in a musical rut. While I wouldn’t call this album particularly groundbreaking, I don’t believe this is too much like any of Radiohead’s prior efforts.

So far, some of my favorite tracks include “Bodysnatchers,” “Weird Fish/Arpeggi,” and “All I Need.” I bought the download for 1 GBP, but I do want the discbox (Christmas present, Valerie?) so I can have that second disc, the artwork, and the ability to rip at a higher quality than 160 kbps (yeah, I’m irrationally picky).

Good job, blokes. I think this is a good day for Radiohead fans around the globe.

One thought on “Rainbowlicious

  1. Listening to it now. I’m really loving it.I agree, it doesn’t feel like they’re in a rut. It just feels like they’re comfortable where they are. glee!

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