Okay, so here’s the big news, and I’m sure to some of you it’s no big deal…but I’m excited.

You may recall my mention of a certain lost picture taking device last month…

Well today I received as good a replacement as I could hope for. I purchased a 1969 Nikon F with Photomic T finder on eBay last week, and after thorough testing to ensure it’s in fine working order, I surprised Valerie with it when she arrived home today. She was pretty psyched, and I have to admit that I’m just as excited. Taking the test shots this afternoon got me jazzed up again about manual photography and fine optics.

I never expected this camera to take the place of the original, but I’m glad Valerie is happy with it, and now we have two SLRs again (her N65, remember?) so we can both go walking around taking pictures together. Of course, the old school camera has a much better lens đŸ™‚

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