The Long Road Home

It’s 10:54 PM as I start this entry – Sunday night, before Val and I head back up the highway to Virginia.

It’s been a fine weekend, but I’m not looking forward to a day spent in the car and a return to the office on Tuesday. Here’s how the weekend went, however:

In general (Ploafmaster General?), we hung out with Val’s sister and one or more of her room mates who were all pretty cool. Actually they were all pretty goofy which suited me just fine as it allowed me to be my eccentric self. Yesterday, of course, we attended the Florida State University football game…or at least until the lightening delay late in the third quarter. I must say, attending such a spirited sporting event made me wish even more that VCU had a football team. The sight of tens of thousands of fans pouring into the castle-like stadium made me excited enough to be a vicarious Seminoles fan, standing up and cheering heartily at every first down, tackle, and score.

It’s all temporary, of course. At least I have VCU’s men’s basketball season to anticipate.

Oh well, bed time, and I have a long drive ahead of me. I’ll be back to my usual internet shenanigans soon enough.

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