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On the road again…and not in the office.

My posting will be a little slim for the next several days. Val and I are making our second trip to Florida this year (and we have two more after that! Really!) to visit her sister at FSU in Tallahassee.

Tomorrow we shove off at the butt crack of dawn – 5 AM – and make the 12 hour drive down the Atlantic Coastal Plain. We’ll hang out, we’ll eat out, and we’ll see the Florida State Seminoles take on the NC State Wolfpack. Then we’ll make the long drive back to Richmond on Monday, hopefully in time to catch Heroes 🙂

I’ll have the laptop with me since I plan at least to write up the football game. This’ll be only my second major college game (I caught VT at UVA when I was in high school), and I’ll try to get into it despite my alma mater’s lack of team.

Anyway, enjoy the weekend everybody. I’ll enjoy not working tomorrow and Monday.

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