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For the past several days I’ve been testing out the Tag functionality that came standard with WordPress 2.3. You probably notice the obnoxious (noxious?) tag cloud in the sidebar…it really looks crappy in a Times-style serif typeface.

Anyway, I wanted to see if categorizing my posts using Tags would be easier than checking off categories I’d defined, adding new categories when relevant.

My conclusion is that I’m switching back to categories as of this post. I can’t search my site based on tags, and the default URL structure (which I’m too lazy to mess with) doesn’t take my tags into account. Granted, that last one would be difficult to implement, but I like that categories are included in the URLs – I believe it aids navigation a tad.

Now I have the extremely exciting task of categorizing my posts since the upgrade (and killing that infernal tag cloud). Hopefully that won’t take too long.

One thought on “WordPress Tags

  1. The tag cloud is an SEO benefit more than anything usable or attractive. For those who are browsing and not looking for anything in particular, it can be nice, but a pain in the neck if you are trying to find something specific.

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