DeLuca Gelato

I’m shocked I didn’t write about DeLuca Gelato on 9/16 when I first visited.

Tonight Valerie and I had dessert at this fantastic gelateria for the second time. I can tell you, having eaten the real deal in Italy, that these folks really know what they’re doing. It’s the first authentic Italian ice cream I’ve eaten in Virginia, and completely obliterates the little competition put up by Gelati Celesti.

One of the best parts of DeLuca is that they have a huge selection of sorbetto as well as gelato. For those of you unfamiliar, sorbetto is like a non-dairy gelato, or sorbet. This gelateria had some of my favorite flavors from Italy as well, like frutti di bosco (mixed berries), fragola (strawberry), and limone (I sure hope you can guess that one). They also have plenty of flavors I’ve never tasted such as cocco (coconut), lampone (raspberry), and mirtillo (blueberry). And that’s just the sorbetto! I’ve also tasted the nocciola (hazelnut), cannolo (like cannoli filling, with shell pieces!), and the tartufo al bacio which tastes just like Perugina’s Baci candy.

It’s obvious from tasting the various flavors that real craftsmanship goes into the preparation of the gelato. I could taste the hint of nutmeg in the cannolo, and Valerie’s menta (mint chocolate chip) clearly contained high quality mint oil.

I’ve definitely found one of my new favorite places to eat in the greater Richmond area, even if it IS in the Gayton Crossing shopping center.

3 thoughts on “DeLuca Gelato

  1. Wow, that’s just a couple miles from me, I’ll have to try it out. I’m not a huge ice cream fan, but having always enjoyed gelati celeste, I’m more than willing to give this place a shot. Haven’t had a nice sorbet in a while.

  2. I’ve eaten here with my wife as well, and we were thoroughly impressed. Although I’ve never had “real” gelato, I’ve pretty much heard from a few people now that this is the closest you can get in our area. I just hope they stick around for a while, as Gayton Crossing isn’t the best place for new business to flourish, regardless of how good they are.

  3. Ah Chris, but gelato isn’t like typical ice cream…check that Wikipedia link near the top of the post…it explains the technical differences.But you have to taste it to really get what’s special about the Italian stuff 🙂

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