Worth Investigating

To be stated in a severe baritone:

“Excuse me…but I’m looking for Rick Laszlo…PRIVATE EYE.”

Ever since I first drove by this door just off Broad Street, I felt that sort of phantom nostalgia for the era of film noir detective cinema. I think this mental connection is heightened by the side door entrance to the second floor office in a shabby building, and capped off by the seemingly unattended mail box with post overflowing. I’ve wanted to take a picture of this for a long time before all the paint wore off, and I’m glad I finally captured it, even though it’s far from a picture I’m happy with.

UPDATE: I just realized another reason why it just seems so reminiscent of classic movies…Humphrey Bogart’s character in the noir classic Casablanca is named Rick, and the Czech resistance leader is named Victor Laszlo. Perhaps the PI chose a pseudonym?

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