Take the Double Standard Train

This is one of my favorite commercials this year:

Subway has made several TV spots in this vein, but this one is my favorite – maybe because it’s one of the first, or perhaps because it heralds the inarguable end of cool for the phrase, “bodonkadonk butt.”

While the ad campaign makes me laugh, the basic premise really bothers me. Subway essentially tries to lift itself above its burger-joint competitors on health food grounds. They’ve done this with their “Jared” campaign, and their “6 subs with 6 grams of fat or less” segments as well. Sure, Subway may have a number of menu items that are quite healthy. But just take a short glance over their nutrition guide to see that it’s not all turkey and whole wheat with the chain.

That 6-inch chipotle steak and cheese has 31 grams of fat. You know what doesn’t have 31 grams of fat? A McDonald’s quarter-ponder with cheese. You don’t have to spend too much time comparing each eatery’s nutrition guides to see that they both have some unhealthy items, and they both have some slightly more healthy items.

I know this is advertising and I shouldn’t be surprised, but I’m always bothered a little more by the particularly deceptive commercials. While the current campaign is hilarious, I can’t help but feel a little ticked-off and lied to after each spot.

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