Con Riso: Success!!!

Okay, so Mugs tipped me off that “sushi” doesn’t really mean, “with rice.” I still like the name I’ve chosen for my dish, and it’s stuck now, since my creation is a reality!

Tonight I made four rolls, and I deviated a little from my master plan, but I wanted to make sure it would actually work first. I could make a few tweaks in the future, and I may have a serious dish on my hands with endless possibilities! Anyway, check the video below, and see the final product:

Con Riso from ploafmaster and Vimeo.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention what it really tasted like 🙂

The asparagus really balanced out the sausage, and both blended well with the risotto. I’m thinking of making sauces to go with future versions, such as a balsamic reduction and a white sauce. I may even sprinkle some toasted fresh bread crumbs on top. There really are so many directions I can go with this – I’m pretty psyched about it.

2 thoughts on “Con Riso: Success!!!

  1. I noticed something, Daniel……in that picture of you in the corner…..when I draw a white beard on you on my computer screen, you look like the deranged Santa in “A Christmas Story!”

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