Resurrect Ask Dan?

You know, ever since I became aware that I have this new-found readership of possibly 8 people instead of the 4-6 I’d previously guessed, I’ve been considering reviving an old friend. Tonight, after some goading from Patrick, I decided I’d test the waters, presidential campaign style. So here goes…

Should I bring back Ask Dan? For the unfamiliar, this was a roughly weekly feature where I’d answer a question from the comments of any post (or emailed? Maybe?). This question could be about anything – Where does “Ploaf” come from? Why is red wine red? How many ducks will you trade for my magic kidney stone? Seriously (or not), submit any question, and I’ll pick one and answer it by the end of the day on Friday. The answer may be literal, thorough and exact, or it may be completely absurd. The seriousness of the question doesn’t necessarily dictate the seriousness of the response.

I’m hesitant, not just because The Morning News handles this WAY better than I do, but because it sort of swelled like a novelty and faded rather quickly, hanging on barely because of my sister-in-law and her silly questions.

How about it? Should I? If so, bury me with questions in the comments section, or send me one at danielcwarshaw [at] gmail [dot] com.

3 thoughts on “Resurrect Ask Dan?

  1. Ok, I’ve got a question and some comments.Question: exactly how awesome is it that Joel and Nikki are expecting? I didn’t know, that’s exciting.Comment: I read your blog. I like your blog. I am glad you are still doing it whether or not you think it is appreciated.Comment: Yes, you should do the ask Dan thing, and I will probably participate decently regularly just maybe not this week.Comment: I am pretty cracked out right now because I haven’t slept much in the last week and I leave in 3 hours to go back to Americaland and I am so sad to be leaving here but way excited to see my family and I’m telling you all of this basically only so that you understand why I’m not so involved in the interneting these days, but I’ll be back in action soon with lots of questions for Ask Dan!

  2. Alexis, you rock :-)I’ll address your question right here and now with a simple, “Totally awesome.” I was thrilled when they told us on Sunday night.I still read your site, too, when you post, and I’m glad that people indeed still write in blogs even as the fad is passing. Sometimes you just gotta write :-)So, will you ever make it back to the East Coast?

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