Penny Lane Pub

I just returned from a fine evening at Penny Lane Pub with my wife. Terry O’Neill’s fine establishment is a Richmond landmark in my book, and represents the closest thing to a genuine English pub in our fair city (and indeed, one of a few real pubs in the area in general).

I’ve loved this place since I was old enough to drink and it was located on 8th street between Grace and Broad. Now, on East Franklin, Penny Lane is an easy stand-by when I want a tall pint or a well mixed drink in an environment that allows me to sit and hear myself think. While I wouldn’t quite recommend the place for dinner (other than the tasty Cornish pasties), the drinks are more than reasonable, even from the top shelf. Best of all, the atmosphere is benign enough that even when Val and I have little ones running around we can still frequent the place; the traditional pub environment is open to families as well as tipplers.

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