Playing Catch Up

So my few loyal readers will have noticed an absence in both posting activity and actual site activity over the past 24 hours. This is because my hosting provider, Dreamhost, had a ridiculous hardware issue that took them a lot of time to properly diagnose and resolve. Even their main support page,, was unavailable for quite a while today leaving many folks in the dark as to what was wrong and when it would be corrected.

Serious hardware outages have occurred a few times in the past two years that I’ve hosted my website with these people, and this time is bringing me even closer to a serious switch in hosting providers. Media Temple’s Grid Service is looking pretty good except it’s $20 a month vs. the $8 a month I pay now. Anybody have any other good recommendations?

Anyway, I’m going to be writing several posts in the immediate future, so those of you on Twitter or subscribing via RSS, pardon the barrage 🙂

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