Con Riso

So after making my own cannelloni from scratch, I was struck with a fascinating idea for a new dish based on several separate Italian components, but fashioned in a wholly unorthodox manner.

First, I’ll create spinach pasta (the nice green sort) in sheets and roll it out to it’s absolute thinnest, but I won’t cook it (yet). Next, I’ll cook risotto, probably with nothing more than some cream, white pepper, and some grated Parmesan cheese added to the typical preparation. Finally, I’ll cook some spicy Italian sausage and cut it into thin strips. Perhaps I’ll roast some asparagus for good measure.

Then I’ll spread the rice over sheets of pasta, and place strips of sausage and asparagus across the rice, and I’ll roll it up and steam it, slicing the end result into six neat pieces, much like makizushi. This is where my name for the dish comes in: Con Riso, the Italian phrase meaning, “with rice” much like the Japanese word “sushi.”

I still have to finalize some of the details, and determine which flavors will really work well together. I’m also hoping that steaming the roll for a short time will be enough to make the pasta tender but not enough to turn the filling in to goop.

So here we go – uncharted culinary territory here! Unless somebody else has already done this…?

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