Good-bye Google, Hello Amazon!

So if you’re viewing my site directly instead of through an RSS reader (do I have any regulars like that, anyway?) then you’ll notice that as of today the Google ads have been replaced my a little Amazon ad.

I’ve done this for a number of reasons. First, I’m able to choose exactly what I want in that box. This makes it more relevant to me, and likely to my readers as well. Second, I think I actually have a better chance of generating even tiny amounts of revenue with Amazon’s links than Google’s, and this is related to my first point.

For example, why would you click on a link to the House Party Planning website that Google coughed up when I created my post about the Programmers’ House Party? On the other hand, if you like music, movies, games, books, random crap, etc., it’s more likely that you’d at least look at the album or film I’m recommending, and hey, maybe even buy it.

Whatever. I’m not expecting any real revenue for this (what with my handful of regular readers), but I figure it’s better to experiment with it now. Who knows what would happen if my crazy little site were to be linked on Digg or something and my bandwidth spiked for a few days…at least I’ll have a slightly better chance at recouping some of the cost that would incur. Maybe 🙂

So about the first recommendation – it’s for the upcoming album by Kenna called Make Sure They See My Face. I absolutely loved the first album, and the samples I’ve heard for this new disc make me want to purchase it as soon as I can.

Now I promise I won’t be hawking crap at all of you on a regular basis, but I figure since the ad is supposed to reflect something I like, I might as well explain it. In the future, I’ll likely just change the ad when I talk about some music or movie I like, and I won’t discuss the link, so don’t worry about it.

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