Programmers’ House Party

You’ll just have to trust me when I say that the new name for the Developer’s Working Sessions just worked out to abbreviate as PHP. I’m honestly not that clever on my own.

So anyway, here’s the scoop:

Programmers’ House Party, week one.
Time: 7-10 pm, Wednesday, August 15th.
Place: My place, the dining room.

Patrick and Trey have directions to my place, and guests are welcome – but a reminder of what this is all about:

The purpose of these meetings is for web designers/developers and programmers (web or otherwise) to have a space and time blocked off where they can work on pet projects or freelance work. I believe a change in setting will help us all focus better on our own work. I hope these are fun and informal, and some networking will naturally occur – but I don’t want this simply to be a chill-fest 🙂

So bring your laptop, and lets see if we can overwhelm my wireless router!

2 thoughts on “Programmers’ House Party

  1. Well a coffee shop would be great on the weekends as well – of course my meeting is actually every OTHER week…not every week…yet :-)Is Crossroads that places between Morris and Brunswick? Why not Cafe Gutenburg sometime also – passable espresso (even though it’s Illy), and an excellent space upstairs…

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