Wholey Crap!

Whole Foods is finally coming to Richmond!

Well, Short Pump, really. No word yet on when it’s opening, but I can bet securely that it’ll be in all that new development across the street from Best Buy. I’m pretty jazzed about this – even though it’s even farther from my house than Fresh Market, it’s going to be WAY larger and should carry quite a wide range of traditional and hard-to-find ingredients.

My hope is that it will also drive prices down a tad at these upmarket food stores since it will be competing somewhat with Tom Leonard’s, and directly with Fresh Market and Joe’s Market.

Maybe we’ll get a Wegmans in the future? I’ve heard good things about those joints…but that’s probably just wishful thinking for this foodie 🙂

4 thoughts on “Wholey Crap!

  1. Wegman’s is the greatest supermarket on god’s green earth. If we got one of those here I think I might cry.

  2. I am really up for this too. Great store and my son works for Whole Foods in Baton Rouge. He might consider coming back to Rivertown when the store is finished. I sure would like to know expected date of completion.

  3. Dude..yeah more grocery stores…less fields and trees…great idea…that way we can import more of our food, and export more real jobs. I know everyone will say I’m stupid, but seriously…do you think China is winning the economic battle right now because of it’s “service industry”.A) Service industry work IS going to IndiaB) Goods Industry is going to China etc.C) We’re gonna make ethanol…and drive up food prices, and say the hell with real innovation, and supporting cutting edge science. I’m sick of the B.S. (SCREW ANOTHER SUPERMARKET!!)(that’s right..see me…see the tree….mmm..hugggg)Goodnight!!

  4. Jake! I love you dude, but man, you’re venting in the wrong place.I can’t really follow how what you’re saying is connected to a Whole Foods coming to Richmond. I know that it’s probably going to be where that field USED to be in Short Pump, but really. It’s being used for a load of other things already that Whole Foods had nothing to do with. Better they open a new store in a space that’s already being developed rather than clearing fresh land just for them.Besides, Whole Foods actually sells lots of real, fresh food. You can’t import all of that. And lots of that stuff that IS imported is coming from places like, oh, I dunno…western Europe!Just like with C. Reaves in the J+J vs. ARC article, I gotta ask you to provide me with some links (even though you’re one of my best homies) if you’re gonna spew like this. The debate over service jobs going to India is mixed. Jobs really are going there, but it’s not sucking the life out of the tech market for jobs like everybody in America thought it would. As an IT employee, I can tell you there are loads of jobs here and in Canada and the UK for folks like me. But that’s beside the point.I understand if you’re upset about stuff – you know I am, too. Just be a little more coherent so we can tell what you’re actually trying to say about it :-)Hope to see you soon, dog.

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