Simplify Media

Great googly moogly!

If you haven’t heard of Simplify Media‘s software (named after the company), you should hit up their download page and grab the joint.

Got it now? Good. Well here’s what it does…

Well a lot of folks may not be aware the iTunes allows you to share your music over a local area network. If you’re at work, and several folks have iTunes, you can listen to each others’ tunes. Pretty slick, eh? Well with Simplify Media’s software running in the background, it allows you to share music across the entire internet. All you have to do is add your friends to your list, and then you can see each others’ music as if you were on the same local area network.

Let that sink in for a moment…

Do you realize what this means? That means that if I’m in Paris and my buddy Patrick grabs the latest album from his fave underground indie hip-hopper, I can still listen to it as if it was on my own computer. Yeah, for real. The sound quality is excellent, but you can’t actually save the tracks on your computer so it’s not piracy. It’s simply extending existing iTunes functionality.

Currently, the software only works with iTunes, but on both Windows and OS X. They’re working on adding support for Winamp and Windows Media Player in the future, but considering the broad reach of iTunes, I’m sure plenty of you out there can use this.

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