All the Hype Money Can Buy

So it’s crazy how much hype there is around the iPhone – and even the word, “hype” seems to be a buzzword around the media these days.

Of course Apple is advertising, but sheesh, it’s certainly more the media building this launch up and doing most of Apple’s advertising for them, gratis.

I think the word, “hype,” however, is a but understating given the sheer saturation of iPhone stories this week. It feels more like a palpable mania. Every little nugget of details that releases sends the media in to a tizzy and Apple, Inc.’s stock price into wild fluctuations. Just wait until the first official reviews come out around 9 pm this evening…oof.

3 thoughts on “All the Hype Money Can Buy

  1. Welcome to Rome Biaatch!!! NEWS FLASH! -New iToy on maket, nation goes goo goo-Paris Hilton, stupid blonde grabs nation’s attention-Gladiator (WWE star) high on drugs kills family/self, nation of idiots morns wrestler’s life.Honestly, when these are the headlines…doesn’t it make you worry what our values are all about?

  2. Good observation Kelly, I hate reading the so called “news” nowadays. Last time I checked, we’re still at war…oh yeah, that’s too depressing to cover and doesn’t come in your choice of colors.As for the iPhone, I think it’s a cool little gadget, and I’m sure the marketing and the media’s free advertising will have it sell millions, but in all honesty I had this thing going the way of the Apple Newton or the Cube, when I first heard about it. Unlike MP3 players, American cell phone companies have made cell phones sort of a low value commodity, They created a culture where a cell phone is really just a throw away items that you replace every year with a new cell phone plan. I’ve personally gone through 5 of them in the last 6 years. Are Americans really going to spend 500+ dollars on a phone with a cell phone plan that will last longer than the hype just to be the coolest kid on the bloc?

  3. Well hype aside, I actually want to play around with one when I get a chance…I’m interested in it for the user interface – this thing is more than a simple convergence of functionality. I’m certainly not going to get a version 1 device though.But one thing that is interesting is that apparently between 500,000 and 700,000 peeps already HAVE dropped the dollars on this thing, just in the first weekend! I’m pretty impressed by that – but we do have the first year to see whether this thing will be more of a Newton than an iPod.

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