Safari 3.0 Public Beta

Yesterday Steve Jobs made a HUGE announcement for Apple Inc. at his WWDC ’07 keynote address: Apple’s web browser, Safari, is now available for Windows. Well, a public beta version is, at least.

Apple is finishing up an upgrade to version 3.0, and decided to add a Windows version. Several people have expressed different potential reasons for such a move, but I ultimately think it’s pretty sweet. One more browser available to the rest of the world should shake up the market quite a bit.

An interesting side note…Apple’s website (and Jobs’ keynote) indicated that the software would be available on Windows XP and Vista. At work, however, I’m stuck on Windows 2000, so it was with nervous excitement this morning that I attempted to install the beta on my workstation. Thank heavens – it works!

It’s a little surreal seeing the Safari shortcut on my Windows desktop, and the UI looks so foreign on my computer that I’m a bit distracted. Of course, I typically use Firefox at work, and even on my Mac at home, so this is more to play around.

Here’s hoping that another taste of Apple flavor on Windows machines will convince more folks to give Macs a second look.

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