3 thoughts on “iPhone Commercials

  1. Holy crap, that’s pretty awesome! I would just be concerned if someone had unusually large fingers.

  2. Hmmm…I have unusually large fingers :-)Apparently, based on the plethora of articles and interviews since it’s announcement in January, it’s supposed to be pretty good at determining which “button” you intended to push.

  3. ’tis a good idea to wait until 2nd gen apple products. Ask people who bought first gen iPods, iBooks, or AirPorts. They often have problems (hardware moreso than software) that get solved with the next release. ex – iPods – small HD, much larger and heavier than todays, firewire/mac only, batteries died within a year and it cost almost the same as buying a new one to get it replaced (remember ipodsdirtylittlesecret.com – sadly no longer online)iBooks – TONS of video/cable issues (screens cutting out or going plaid – i kid you not) and the tray loading cdrom (broke in multitudes of ways… since replaced with the slotload which user’s can’t really break) FYI – According to a techsupport guy I talked to at apple, he called the slotloaded cdrom the “henrico county cdrom” – it was put into use because of the sheer volume of broken tray cdroms apple received from the henrico county ibook experiment a few years ago.Airports – the first gen airports (hershey kiss looking things) just died after about a year’s use. Thankfully Apple knew they had a problem with these, so they would work with me to piggyback them onto existing applecare warranties so apple would replace them free of cost, but it was still a pain in the ass that 10 of our 12 first gen airports died within 15 months of purchase… ug.Better specs/design/product for the same price tend to be great benefits of waiting for 2nd gen. So I’d encourage you to wait… though that iPhone looks pretty damn awesome.

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