Sint Maarten/Saint Martin

Last night – quite late last night – Val and I returned from our first Caribbean vacation on St. Maarten.

Wow. What a blast.

Frequent fish and barbecue dinners, fantastic sushi at Bamboo Bernie’s, and one of the best beach days of my life – a whole day snorkeling trip to the uninhabited island of Prickly Pear.

The entire island is a mere 37 square miles which meant our trusty yet grungy Toyota Carolla sipped a little more than a quarter tank of gas the entire week (yet still cost almost twenty bucks to refill!!!). The entirety of the island is this sort of funky dingy shopping and tourist land with the exception of the beautiful town of Marigot on the French side. That town is a funky dingy shopping and tourist land with a little European flair and some excellent pastry shops 🙂

The beaches themselves are fantastic, from the calm sheltered coves at our hotel to the gorgeously clear Maho Bay at the base of Princess Juliana Airport’s runway. And while I got a bit of sunburn on my shoulders, it was well worth it for the amount of swimming I logged.

I hope to have some pics up on Flickr tonight of the whole affair, so keep your eyes peeled for another post about this. The words don’t quite do it justice.

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