Bloggin’ from the Islands

Sunday morning my wife and I will head off to St. Martin in the Caribbean for a week vacation with her mom and sister. My hope is to hit up some WiFi action and blog the crap out of my vacation. I’ll have my digital camera and tripod with me as well, and I just bought a 2 gig memory card, so I hope to be snapping pictures by the hundred.

One day in particular should be interesting. The popular photo site, Flickr, created a special group called 24 hours of Flickr in which the members are to document their day on May 5th with photographs. The members will then select what they feel is the best photo of their day and submit it to the group. My hope is that this day alone will provide me with dozens of pictures to add to my library, especially since I’ll be in such an idyllic location.

The end of this week can’t come soon enough!!!

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