Ask Dan #15

Q: what is your favorite kitchen utensil?

A: Chris, you’ve asked a question that is very dear to my heart, as I enjoy cooking so much. I revel as excitedly about culinary gear as I do the latest tech gadgetry.

Before I say what my favorite kitchen utensil is, I have to clarify – as oft I am wont – my terms. When I talk about utensils, I don’t mean simply that which may be used. In this context I’m talking about purely mechanical implements that aid food preparation. I’ll exclude the cookware/bakeware itself, but my definition also excludes electronics such as my KitchenAid stand mixer or my electronic probe thermometer.

All that being said, my favorite Kitchen Utensil is by far the pair of stainless steel Oxo Good Grips tongs. Tongs in general are extremely versatile – whether for fishing something out of a marinade or rotating that pork tenderloin in the frying pan.

Some close runners-up, however, would include my Microplane zester/grater and my 8″ Chef’s Knife.

There it is…post questions for the next Ask Dan in the comments!

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