Hello, old friend.

I finally reclaimed the rest of my missing Weezer collection.

It’s been about 6 years since I lost my original copies of Weezer’s so-called Blue Album and Pinkerton, and though I was able to acquire the excellent 10th anniversary copy of the former, I’d held off on the latter in hopes they would release an equally tasty anniversary edition.

Alas, they didn’t – spurning Pinkerton once again as they did when it failed to achieve commercial success the first go-’round. So last night I finally located a copy of the truly excellent rock album at Barnes and Noble in the Near-West End of Richmond.

I sure have missed such fantastic tracks as “Tired of Sex,” “Across the Sea,” “El Scorcho,” and “Butterfly.” The lyrics, the guitar solos, the bass lines – everything is fantastic. I think what really sealed the warm-fuzzies in my mind was the drive to Target later in the evening – Valerie, her sister, and myself cruising down the highway and Broad Street singing “El Scorcho” at the top of our lungs.

While I continue to mourn for the death of Rivers Cuomo’s quality songwriting I’m relieved to reconnect with what is, in my opinion, some of his finest work.

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