Oh boy. I saw Ghost Rider tonight. That’s a solid 1 out of 5 stars. Maybe less, but really, I’ll stick with whole numbers for simplicity.

I think perhaps if you can overlook the script, the acting, the film score, and the photography, you may have…well…um…lots of gratuitous special effects. Yup. Oh! And Sam Elliott. Yeah. That’s really about it.

I really only saw this because I was going with some buddies. I kinda expected it would be crappy, and oof – I wasn’t disappointed. Or well, you know.

6 thoughts on “Guilty.

  1. Yeah it sucks. I tried to warn Dave last night before he left. I said the only redeeming quality was Eva Mendez’s astounding looks (ergo, the booty deliciouso) I told him other than that I didn’t see one good thing about it.Viva el tuckus de Mendez!

  2. you guys are the opposite of hetero right now for not mentioning or at least agree with my mendez comments!

  3. No, we’re just hetero men who get to have sex with something/someone that doesn’t fit into a glove.

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