Ask Dan #12

Q: I hope I can still ask a question for ask dan. If I can…what would our country be like if we elected a leprechaun as president?

A: Well Elizabeth, of course you can still ask a question…I think that deadline business was intended to allow me time to research a response…but mostly I just make it up as I go along on Fridays. So don’t worry about asking by Wednesday anymore, and don’t worry about posting the question in the last Ask Dan post – worry about me gleaning any question from any comment, and using that as a lame excuse to perpetuate this feature 🙂

So Leprechauns, eh? I think we may already have had a leprechaun for a president…or at least somebody close to one. You see James Madison, our 4th president, was a mere 5ft, 3 and 3/4 inches tall. The only problem is that he was English, not Irish. Though I suppose nearly 5’4″ is still a bit taller than a Leprechaun…

I believe a Leprechaun president would face a new set of challenges being so short, though I see several distinct advantages:

First, such a small president would be a difficult target, increasing the safety of the world leader. He’d be so small, in fact, that you may be able to secretly hide him in some unlikely places, thus avoiding danger. Nobody would expect to find the President of the United States of America cruising down a sidewalk in a baby carriage.

Second, everybody knows that Leprechaun’s have crazy amounts of gold. Hello moneybags, goodbye national debt.

Leprechaun’s are traditionally believed to be cobblers…so, um…free shoes for everybody? Maybe? Come on, work with me here…

Finally, at such diminutive stature, our Leprechaun president could finally see eye to eye in peace talks with Kim Jong Il. Crisis averted!

So there it is…question answered – if you believe it.

Post them questions in the comments, and check in next week for another installment of Ask Dan.

3 thoughts on “Ask Dan #12

  1. If you like Leprechauns and Fairies you should read the Artemis Fowl book series. They’re pretty fun.laters.btw…Assk Dan must die!!!!

  2. Jake sucks.I think this Ask Dan made the feature worth keeping. It just needs to retain this sort of goofiness. Otherwise it sucks. I’m tired of asking questions for which I already have an answer just so I can provoke you.So…What would you do if you had a clone of yourself made, and you came home one night to find said clone getting all intimately boom-tada-boom with your wife?And how would you justify your reaction?

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