The Real Ask Dan #10

Q: If a nuclear war happened at Florida State (in the middle of the woods, on a mime), would anyone care?

A: Well, Mugs, that depends…would my sister-in-law still be there? If so, then yes, I and the rest of her family would care. If she’d already graduated and left, then no. Probably not…

Though I dare say it would be more entertaining if a mime, um, mimed the stages of nuclear war, in the woods, at FSU. Who wouldn’t love to see a face-painted gentleman imitate the disintegrating human body? Or moreover the many stages of radiation sickness?

And speaking of sickness, as Ask Dan limps along on its last legs, be sure to post questions for next week in the comments section!

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  1. Q: If a nuclear war happened at a server somewhere (in the middle of Dan’s blog, on Ask Dan Articles), would anyone care?

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