Guitar Music and 300 Posts!!!

That’s right…this sucker is post number THREE HUNDRED. Dang. I’ve been at this periodical writing thingy for around 2.5 years now, and I’ve found that I actually kinda like it. It’s only fitting, then, that my 300th post has to do with music and The Web – a single entry which pretty well summarizes the general flavor of my past writings – a blog signature, if you will…

One of my staple reads is The Very Daily Weblog of Joshua Blankenship, and lemme tell ya – this guy practically oozes creativity. Ignoring the fact that his blog’s structure borrows heavily from Kottke (to which he cops), this fella is a graphic designer, photographer, web designer, and musician. His latest post, in fact, is all about highlighting mind-blowing acoustic guitar players – something I’ve done from time to time on my own site. So rather than post a single embedded clip for each of the players Blankenship references, I figured I’d simply link to his post.

So go ahead and check out New School Acoustic Guitar Wizardry. Pay particular attention to Robert Taylor. Wow.

And stick around, you loyal 5 or 6 readers. I’m not going anywhere, and neither is this site. Even if I only add one new reader ever six months 🙂

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