9 thoughts on “Heroes Returns!

  1. Actually, Heroes is on during its normal night. It seems that 24 is trying to dethrone Heroes.Besides, if I really cared about Jack and his terrorists, I could just use the ol’ DVR…but I don’t, so I don’t. 🙂

  2. Indeed, Jack Bauer is Guy LeDuche as far as I’m concerned. I don’t really enjoy terrorism entertainment. It’s not that I’m anti-violence in television. I just think I’d rather be excited by something x-manesc than watch a fictional show about some superman fighting Osama’s lackeys. Heroes is gonna be awesome. Besides, is it any coincidence that 24 is on fox? Terrorism on Fox..hmmm..interesting…fox keeping us in fear…what else is new.

  3. Dan,24’s normal night has been Monday for a few years. Heroes isn’t even a year old.And I don’t think 24 keeps people in fear. Most Americans are still pretty drunk with their feelings of invincibility. 24’s just entertainment.Have fun playing with your action figures.

  4. You both could start your own flavor called Incestuous Queeroes and be the mascots.24 is gay Mugs. POLE!

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