Competitive High-Fiving

Ladies and gentlemen, for too long the fine art of high-fiving has been relegated to the spontaneous celebration of sports fans and homies.

Today, that changes.

Today, I give you, the League of Competitive High-Fiving. Are you ready to take your high-fives to the next level? Are you ready to train for strength, speed, and “big ups”? Are you ready for the high-pitched slapping sound of palm striking palm and its accompanying glory? Then join us, and raise your hands high.

2 thoughts on “Competitive High-Fiving

  1. Yeah, didn’t think about that…there’s not really anything you’re missing right now, though. I think I have more here than on the group page, but I’ll see if there’s a way I can make it public for viewing, but still private/permission based for joining.

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