You know, a while back, I created a MySpace profile despite many misgivings in a pitiful attempt to drive more traffic here. I haven’t done anything to the page because I haven’t wanted to mess with that. I just wanted it as a means for people to find me, thereby finding my real website.

Well, MySpace sucks. Spam comments and notes, loud insane profiles, and general vomit.

I’d heard of Facebook, and wanted to join for the sake of all my VCU/Intervarsity friends way back when, but VCU does not do alumni email addies, so at the time I was SOL. They recently opened up to everybody, however, and after some nudging by my sister and law and my buddy Nate (who’s decidedly anti-trendy-stuff, incidentally), I caved and created a profile there.

First off, I’ll say that the interface is MUCH cleaner than MySpace. Perhaps it’s because they don’t let you customize your page, but man, “apartment white” never looked so good.

Second, I just discovered something totally sweet about it. You see, I never really wanted to spend too much time maintaining a profile on Facebook, either. I was, again, hoping vainly that such a profile would drive traffic to my site. This, perhaps would increase my readership from six to seven 🙂 Well I was looking at the “notes” feature, and discovered that I could “import” a blog. What they really meant was that I can link a blog to my profile, so that posting here will automatically show up as a note on my Facebook profile. That means that anybody who cares enough to look at my profile will see my updates to this site, which I think is pretty dope. The whole process was seamless, and involved the simple pasting of my site’s URL into the page. Two clicks, and it’s ready. Well done, Facebook.

One thought on “Facebook

  1. Facebook is much better. I am moving gifed out and sick of TRUE.com adds. Another nice thing is I don’t get 10 annoying add a friend message from stripper types 10 times a day. It is soo much better. I think they’ll have a hard time keeping it that way though.

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