Obama throws his hat in the bull ring…

According to the BBC News website, Illinois junior senator Barack Obama has formed an exploratory committee – the first step towards a presidential run. On February 10th, apparently, he plans to make an official statement regarding the committee.

So…I suppose it’s time to start researching this fella more deeply. I’d prefer to have a well-informed opinion of why I would or would not vote for the much-lauded Obama. Since he’s a senator, we’re in luck! We can go to Project Vote Smart, and review his complete Senate voting record. That should help cut through any hype, emotion, and potential campaign garbage that left-leaning individuals get caught up in around this guy..

Of course, the next presidential election is nearly two years away, but it never hurts to start early 🙂

3 thoughts on “Obama throws his hat in the bull ring…

  1. Hey, I have his book, “The Audacity of Hope” if you’d like to borrow it sometime in the near future.

  2. Of course, that’d mean I have to read non-fiction, and I have a lot of trouble getting into stuff like that, whatever the topic :-)I know I’m a terrible cynic, but I’ll say anyway, that I worry about reading something like his book to get an idea for who he is. If he’s seriously considering a run at the White House, he’d have had that on his mind when putting the book together, and I worry that it won’t be as clear and open as an after-the-fact book.That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be interested in what the book says, though. He’s been pretty open about mistakes so far, and that’s hopeful in and of itself. I could certainly get behind some “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” action.

  3. Yes, aside from people on CNN randomly mentioning that his middle name is Hussein, opponents of Obama will attack his inexperience with every pitchfork and torch they can find. But i think people will eventually realize that his extraordinary leadership qualities and ability to work with the resources and people around him are far more important. I don’t think you have to be a state governer or member of a political family to prove that. This current administration is a prime example of a president that chose to surround himself with the wrong people and squander our resources.

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