Bend it, LA Style

So David Beckham announced that he’s signing with American Major League Soccer team, the LA Galaxy.

Will such a high profile world athlete (albeit later in his career) help invigorate the still on-the-fringe sport in America?

Here’s hoping. Soccer can be freakin’ exciting, and I sure would love to see the same excitement here that I caught in Old Town Square in Prague during the World Cup.

8 thoughts on “Bend it, LA Style

  1. He’s too damn metro to get me excited about sport…Give me a modern day Pele and I’ll watch

  2. I can’t believe this isn’t leading the news here. $250,000,000 over 5 years, to “play soccer” in America. Beckham is hardly a top notch player anymore, but he is an international celebrity and I guess that could be enough to get fans excited about American soccer. This will either be a move that helps bring MLS up to an internationally competitive level and grab a serious fan following, or will be the nail in the coffin of a league that doesn’t have the fanfare to financially support such signings.Big gamble with potential HUGE payoff or bankruptcy … I really really hope it works out as I am a huge soccer fan.Thinking closer to home, I am curious to see what DC United will be doing this offseason. They cleared half their big names and everyone thinks they are looking to make a big “splash” like LA just did. Who knows.

  3. The answer to your question is never in America! American Football(NFL)is the top sport in the U.S. and Beckham’s foot definately won’t change that. I don’t think American soccer will get anymore T.V. time based on the fact that David Beckham is over here now so he will basically be out of sight and out of mind for most Americans.What if Beckham was a field goal kicker!?

  4. Soccer? In’t that that thar game where ya tap the ball over a net and smash it into little kids? Or maybe I’m thinkin about polo. Yeah, it’s polo.

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