3 thoughts on “Movin’ on up!

  1. Good. Now you have a window to jump out of. And the third floor is good, because the fall wouldn’t necessarily kill you. It would just paralyze you and make you a pitiful sight at parties. Everyone loves a cripple with a martini. Maybe you should’ve moved to the 10th floor. That’s more like a guarantee, right there.

  2. Roof Access is one of those great things that should be a company benefit, especially if you work for a company who has an office building that rises above the treeline. I worked for a church one summer and while the “ministry stuff” was cool and all, my favorite part of that summer was having master keys to the building, which meant roof access. Many sunsets, star gazing, dates, picnics, poker games, frisbee, and other tomfoolery not typically associated with church roofs.Stupid liability … takes away all our fun.

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