3 thoughts on “Ask Dan #7

  1. A multi-faceted question for a multi-faceted guy.If you found yourself alone on the Serengeti with nothing but a pocketwatch and a barometer, how would each of the following allow you to survive:a) Sucking the lifemilk from a wounded Gnu?b) Playing hide and seek with an angry lion?c) Hooking up with the Jolie-Pitt entourage?

  2. I fear I may be too late, but I would like to know how does one make a ‘Dick in a Box’? And as a followup, are there any situations where it would it be inapproriate to give a ‘Dick in a Box’? I really hope Ask Dan can help me out with this, but if not, I guess I could find my answer somewhere else on teh intarwebs.

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