The Complete Calvin and Hobbes

My wife got me “The Complete Calvin and Hobbes” for Christmas – truly one of the best gifts ever received by yours truly. The entirety of Bill Watterson’s decade of genius bound smartly in three lovely hard-cover volumes, contained then in an equally eye-catching box. Each page is a faint creme color so as to set off the pure white daily strips, three to a page, with the publication dates at the bottom. The Sunday prints fill an entire page in full color, also with the publication date at the bottom.

I know what I’ll be reading during my week off 🙂

3 thoughts on “The Complete Calvin and Hobbes

  1. That is SO awesome! Man, Val is a keeper!I had actually just picked up “The Authoritative Calvin and Hobbbes” off my shelf at home and was reading that a couple nights ago. I was suprised how a decade later, I many of the comics still hold up well, AND I still find them funny! My favorite rare, but recurring subplot is how Calvin would “express himself” through still-lifes with snowmen … cracked me up every time.

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