5 thoughts on “A Night at the Opera

  1. You may just be able to read some of it in a journal soon. Within the next few weeks, I plan on submitting a packet of several poems to a journal. Craig is going to lend me a guide for submissions, and I’m going to put together a packet of 2 or 3 pieces and see if I can get the dog to bite.

  2. “uvula to the forestage” sounds like the title of a a kicking 80’s rock album – I can’t decide if Rush, Van Halen, or Supertramp makes more sense …That being said, nicely done Mugs.

  3. Chris – wish I could say this was more than a really awesome WP theme, but I can’t :-)It’s reasonably customizable, however, and I think it was a good change of layout. I like the drop-down menu, and the single column concept as well.

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