Ask Dan #3

Hey hey hey, it’s time for Ask Dan #3.

Chris got a head start this week with a comment on my answer to Ask Dan #2. Here ’tis:

Question – is it better to rake the leaves in your yard often (weekly) or just wait until all the leaves are off the trees and have a leaf-clearing blowout party (involving friends, pizza, and beer).[sic]

Go ahead and post your questions in the comments section, and I’ll pick one by Wednesday evening, answering by Friday evening.


5 thoughts on “Ask Dan #3

  1. I don’t know about the others…but a “leaf-clearing party”….That’s one I could skip…pizza and beer and whudevaI say do the right thing…and pick up your own damn leaves…btw..I’m having a butt wiping party at my house this pizza and beer folks?My question therefore is,Is it cool to have yard work parties? I mean in a sense I don’t mind when it is something you “need” me for…but if it’s just “I’m feeling lazy..maybe I can pay people off with booz and fatty foods”, I just feel the line has been crossed into lazy utilization of friends. Love ya Chris..and if you never NEED help…so be it..let us know…as for your leaf collecting party could count me out..BIIATTCH..j/k

  2. Here’s my question. You damn well better answer it, too.Pleasure potential aside, why the JFK do men have nipples?

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