This is your best chance for survival.

I know I’ve really been bitin’ off McSweeney’s lately, but dang it if that site isn’t one of the funniest things I’ve ever read since Sweet Fancy Moses.

So today I just discovered the “verbal cartoons” of Dan Liebert. He seems to be a more sophisticated Jack Handey (not that there’s ANYthing wrong with Jack Handey, Alexis :-)).

Read! Enjoy! Wet yourself with laughter!

2 thoughts on “This is your best chance for survival.

  1. Wow, that guy is hilarious! I didn’t quite wet myself -this time. I’ll probably be posting a link of my own here pretty soon.Here’s a question for Ask Dan:Is there anyone hotter than Sufjan Stevens? If there isn’t, is such a thing theoretically possible (or plausible)?And another:How can refried beans still be so tasty even though EVERY SINGLE time I open a can, I violently recoil due to the preciseness with which they resemble canned dog or cat food?

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