Guil-t-v pleasure

I’ve become absorbed in the NBC tv show, “Heroes.”

The acting isn’t particularly great, the direction is a bit clichéd, and the characters aren’t too deep (yet). I mean, the general concept is almost a direct rip-off of the X-Men, and unapologetically so; certain people experience genetic mutations which provide them with extraordinary powers. They even reference X-Men in the first episode.

So why the heck do I watch it?

The method of story-telling is enthralling. Each episode so far rotates through the main characters, showing between 5 and 10 minutes of story per person. Just enough plot is revealed for each character to whet the appetite of the viewer.

I guess I’ll see how the series progresses. For now, I can’t stop watching it.

2 thoughts on “Guil-t-v pleasure

  1. Yeah, it’s interesting. In some ways the show is not that original, but in other ways is alot different than anything that’s been on TV. I too was wondering if they’re all going to find this father figure type character, move into his Westchester mansion, and then band together to fight some villian.

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