Who’d’ve thought I’d be farting a hole in my seat because of dried apricots?

Well, at least, that’s why I think it’s happening.

So far today, I’ve had nearly my entire day’s worth of dietry fiber, and it’s not even half-past-three. And a whopping 60% or more is from dried apricots. Since this morning (mostly this morning, in fact), I’ve eaten more than half a carton of these things (mostly to stem hunger before between my morning granola bar and lunch), and just realized that each of the “11 servings” in the can contains 12% of my RDA for dietry fiber.

Now I usually get plenty of fiber – between the bread and pasta I ingest, I’m sure I get plenty – but I don’t think my body is used to the fiber over…um…load I dealt it today.

Alright…that’s enough for this puerile post.

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