Kim Jong Ill-Tempered

Oh boy…the only government that scares me more than my own has apparently conducted a successful test of a nuclear weapon. I’m not even going to link to a story – just search for North Korea, and some source’s copy is bound to pop up in the top ten results.

And what could possibly be the best response to such brazen exercises? Why, none other than the thinly-veiled-yet-still-empty threats of or illustrious leader, Dubya. Go ahead Jerge, give the insane despot what he wants…more attention. That’s the ideal way to deal with the troll of the political landscape.

One thought on “Kim Jong Ill-Tempered

  1. 1)Kim Jong Ill (W’s roomate) gets lazy one afternoon and doesn’t do the dishes2)W decides not to talk to KJI, but instead tells all KJIs friend’s what an A-hole he is and that they shouldn’t hang out any more3)KJI gets angry and threatens W4) W continues to threaten KJI through friends but not talk to him directly. KJI threatens to move outConclusion: Our president and KJI are like shitty freshman roommates…They don’t deserve leadership. The sad thing, I can’t do much about it for two years. 3)

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