I love pancakes. Jake might even say that I freakin’ love pancakes.

Tonight, for the second time, I came to the realization that Galaxy Diner in Carytown has the best flap-jacks in Richmond. There are two reasons.

1. These pancakes actually taste, well, cakey. I don’t know whether they make their own batter or found a way to perfect Bisquick, but it sure is a rich, moist, cake-like texture – not the semi-dry and crumbly stuff you typically find in an American household.
2. These puppies are cooked perfectly. Really – in addition to the moist and soft texture of the interior, each pancake was cooked to a satisfying crispiness on the top side without being burnt on either.

I suppose it’d be fair to place pancakes in that same venerable category as pizza and biscuits; while not as simple from an ingredients standpoint, pancakes are quite as deceptively simple to prepare. Few eateries, however, seem capable of getting it right.

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