Today is my second wedding anniversary, so just suck it up and deal as I spout in a sappy manner about my love for my wife 🙂

In the two years that Val and I have been married, I don’t actually feel like a whole lot has changed – but that’s not a bad thing. We were dating for a bit more than three years when we married, so there wasn’t a whole lot left to find out. We have, however, grown closer as we’ve moved through life changes and challenges, and the stressful process of buying a home this year. Valerie has helped me cope with some bitter family conflict, laughed at my dopey jokes, and put up with my slovenly life-style around the house. She’s everything I could ask for in a spouse – loving, caring, understanding, forgiving, uplifting, and extraordinarily complementary to my personality.

I love her more today than I did last year, and I’m confident that I’ll be writing many more saccharine posts like this in years to come.

4 thoughts on “TWO YEARS!!! WOO HOO!

  1. here we are like 6 hours later and you posted…come on man you work in an IT department. You guys sit at your computers all day doing nothing except ping flooding google…it took you that long?I’re like the antithesis of the authors of nancy drew.

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