So maybe nobody read the football post, or perhaps even my friends and brother have stopped reading! Either way, I removed the following from the football post so it wouldn’t be lost in the shuffle.

Originally in a post a few days ago:

On an unrelated note – it just struck me that I’ve been doing this Blog thing regularly for over a year now! It’s too late to do some hokey Blog Birthday crap, but I just have to say that I’m amazed I kept up with some pseudo-writing endeavor this long. July 2005, I posted my first entry here, and I’ve been at it ever since. And still with a readership of about 3 people šŸ™‚

So post a comment here if you’re actually reading, eh? Just to let me know who’s out there.

5 thoughts on “Blah…g

  1. Hmmm…somebody needs a little positive reinforcement, eh? O.K., here goes:You are good. Everybody loves you. Your genitals are elephantine in stature–you are the envy of the bath-houses that you frequent.Breathe.

  2. Good Show, ah no, Dan I’m not talking about your strut at the bath house.Don’t worry Dan, think of how many blogs you read on a daily basis, then divide that number by two, that’s probably a good idea of how many will read your given no other incentive….either that or you should have a bath house website..hint hint…your wang on the net

  3. I am sorry to the Muslim People and to Dan for the Reaction to my Words.Der Man,The Rat-zinger

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