Yes, sir. I am ready for some football, sir.


And yet, simultaneously, boo-hoo.

Last night was the opening game of the NFL football season, and I watched, first eagerly then despondantly, as my Miami Dolphins put up a half-hearted fight against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

I was nice to watch some football in widescreen HD – definitely a treat, but that means I got to see Daunte Culpeper throw two horrible interceptions in rich detail. I know it’s only week one, but it looks like the Dolphins have another mediocre season ahead.

Here’s lookin’ forward to Sunday, where I get to watch the ever-entertaining Indianappolis Colts put a hurtin’ on my New York Giants (my NFC boys). Manning vs. Manning as the hype relays, with most of the pressure on Eli in my opinion.

Well, we’ll see, I suppose.

I suppose I’ll move the section about “how long I’ve been bloggin” to a post all it’s own…Either nobody noticed it because they didn’t read this post, or nobody reads this anymore 🙂

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