I write these stupid words.

You know, I told Mugs that since I bought the special version of Weezer’s Blue Album, it’s like I’ve found an old friend.

That sounds really cheesy, yes, but I mean it. I have so many good memories associated with that album, and I just plain love the tunes.

This past week I’ve found myself driving with the windows down and the stereo BLASTING. I still know all the words, and I can even hum along with every guitar solo. This album represents so much of what was good about Weezer before they pooped out the Green Album. There’s some pop sensibility without sacrificing all of their musicianship. Are they virtuosic? Certainly not, but you can actually hear some attention to musical detail on this album and Pinkerton. The lyrics, though not often serious, at least appear to be more carefully written. Not like the last three albums these blokes put out…

Listening to the Blue Album again has made me want Pinkerton even more. I still don’t know how I lost the discs so many years ago, yet managed to keep the cases.

More than a stronger desire to have Pinkerton back in my collection, hearing the Blue Album after so long an absence has made me even more dissappointed in Weezer’s decline. Their sacrifice of quality in an effort to attain and maintain commercial success is obvious. This isn’t a simple matter of calling them “sell-outs” because they’ve acheived popularity. There’s a palpable difference between the quality of the first two albums and everything else they’ve released since Rivers’ public statement about seeking fame and fortune.

Oh well…I can’t have everything I want…I can only hope that Ozma won’t make the same mistake now that they’re back together.

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