Today is the greatest…

So, I was reading the Weezer webiste to see if they were planning to release a 10th anniversary edition of Pinkerton, just like they did for The Blue Album.  I noticed, however, a much sweeter announcement:

The first US Rentals show in many years is happening in Los Angeles on July 7th at The Henry Fonda Theater (with the legendary Ozma supporting) and the tix are on sale now.

Wow.   The Rentals reuniting is cool, and all…but OZMA!!!??!??!?  HELL YES!!!!!

The return of one of my favorite bands of all time…a band, whose initial break-up literally saddened me for an entire day.

I read this announcement as I was listening to “Say it Ain’t So” off of the Blue Album, incidentally.  My trademark Weezer song.  And now I’m listening to “In the Garage.”

I’m so happy my spleen could burst!

3 thoughts on “Today is the greatest…

  1. um…ouch my OZMA’s on fire…ouchI don’t know these bands…but if dan loves them so …this truly must be a monumental day…..and if they stay together this time….or is this just a one day deal… a day long fling with an ex-girlfriend…p.s… assume nothing

  2. In my garage, there is poop. The door won’t open, so it keeps building up. I keep jamming the button, but it only causes pain.Congrats on the show and news and junk. I wish all of you many years of happiness in the Witness Protection Program.

  3. about this…. OZMA hybridizes with the dixie chicks to create dixozma…which is intrigueing; if dixozma was really a word…what would your defintition be for it?Here is mine: Dixozma: An incapability of breathing in the presence of peni other than one’s own. ie. Dan never suffers from Dixozma; he loves peni.

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