Recap Action

Oof…that was a long but excellent weekend.

I left work early on Thursday for a home inspection. That went mostly well – there were several things pointed out that we needed to deal with that were unexpected, but not world-ending. I just need to get some estimates and figure out if the house is still worth the work and time.

Friday I headed SW to Farm-Vegas and hung out with my Mom at Mugs’ place for a while, also seeing my sis-in-law and nephew. That was excellent. Mugs and I then headed further SW to Greensboro, NC for Tom’s bachelor weekend. Mass-chillage ensued. Drinks were poured. Drinks were emptied. Jokes were tossed. Insults hurled.

Sometime on Saturday night we decided, after 7 hours at Natty Green’s, that we should go to Steak and Shake for some 2:15 AM munchies. That was the dumbest idea I’ve ever had. While nobody threw up that night (or the following morning), we all felt like we would. Several of us even had the craps all night. Huzzah.

Thankfully, Robert made is signature Biscuits and Gravy for, well, brunch on Sunday, and we all parted ways tired but satisfied.

Less than three weeks ’till my bro’s wedding now, and I’m looking forward to it. There’s little better than partyin’ down with the people you love most.

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